LEFT-HANDED & Creative


LEFT-HANDED & Creative

LEFT-HANDED & Creative is an international project dedicated to creative left-handers from all over the world.

Mission: To discover creative left-handers, to promote their uniqueness and give them opportunities to sell their most valuable products and services.

The project has started in March 15th, 2013 and it’s focused on the creative industries: advertising, architecture, design, film & video, hand-made, inventions, music, performing arts, publishing, software & computer games, radio & television, visual arts.

However, we are open to any form of creativity


Founded in 2013 by:

Vlad Dumitrescu-Petricã, Cristian-Emanuel Opriş

LEFT-HANDED & Creative



REframe awakens the creative thinking that solves problems and defines goals.

Motto: think creatively

REframe workshop gives a rich palette of creative instruments useful for a wide spectrum of domains and activities.
It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer, a company manager, a driver or a student, we live in a changing world, so those who can adapt easier, win, so now it’s time for you to start creating your own way to success.


“If you can imagine it, you can create it”
(William Arthur Ward)

Founded in 2013 by:

Vlad Dumitrescu-Petricã, Raluca Mureşan