How do I begin my journey…

How do I begin my journey...

I was a teenager and we were in a trip organised by our school, visiting Germany with a big group.
I think these are the only memories that comes into my mind when I speak about my first intentions to capture images.
I had a camera on film and I was really confused what and when to photograph to have the perfect shot. I could take only 36 images with me back to my country
(image of blue lake, castle in Wernigerode)
After few years I was participating in a training in Czech Republic(one that is life changing) and I remember from that experience the same thing. No digital camera, trying to keep the best shots of what I was wondering and excited about. Huh! It was so complicated to decide in a visual way.
Years go by and I had the will to have my own digital camera. Firstly I bought with my brother a video camera
which I always used to take photos, not to record. After a while we decided to sell it and buy a photo camera taking in consideration that I was focused only on capturing still images.
So, I begin my digital journey with a Nikon D60 in 2008, wondering life and discover what world has to offer if I manifest curiosity for its simplest side.
Many times I walked alone, get frozen in winter just to capture a moment that I enjoyed so much, other times I travel and carry my camera on mountains or I just watch moments of day and step into a calmy dawn (with my camera lense)

That's my story. Not more, not less.

(dVp Image)

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